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Thistlebond PlasSteel,Thistlebond TRK19060,IMPA 812201

ThistleBond PlasSteel is a high performance, rapid curing synthetic metal repair compound in the form of a stick which has been specifically developed for on site repairs to metal components such as castings, worn threads jigs and mould patterns.

ThistleBond PlasSteel is based on a unique epoxy resin system co-reacted with an organo sulphur / amine blend which are then interspered with specially chosen pigments and fillers which allow the base and activator components to be packed in intimate contact with each other. The reaction only occurs when the two components are hand mixed and the resultant blend produces a repair materia with high physical and mechanical strength.

ThistleBond PlasSteel also has the ability to set underwater which makes it highly suitable for submerged
conditions.Before proceeding, please read the following information carefully to ensure that the correct
application procedure is fully understood.


Heavy contamination due to oil or grease must be removed using ThistleBond Cleaner.

All loose material, rust and surface contaminants, including existing coatings, must be removed and the surface roughened by using an angle grinder, needle gun or abrasive blasting. Where grinding is used, the surface should be cross-scored to improve adhesion. Care must be taken when angle grinding, to avoid polishing rather than roughening metal surfaces.

Surfaces should be carefully degreased again using ThistleBond Cleaner. Cloths should be frequently changed to avoid spreading contamination. On deeply pitted surfaces or porous castings, ThistleBond Cleaner should be worked into the surface by brush and washed off using excess cleaner.


Before mixing, hands should be treated with barrier cream or lightweight disposable gloves should be worn.

Sufficient product to complete the repair should be cut or broken from the stick. This should then be twisted and kneaded until a uniform colour is achieved with no streaks. The two components are colour coded to ensure complete mixing is achieved when the colour is uniform.

ThistleBond PlasSteel should be used within 6 minutes of mixing at 20°C (68°F).

This time will be reduced at higher temperatures or extended at lower temperatures.


Prepared surfaces should be dry. The mixed material should be pressed firmly onto the prepared area,
working the material into any cracks and surface defects.

When ThistleBond PlasSteel is being used to repair leaking pipes, the flow through the pipe should be
discontinued until the repair is made and the ThistleBond PlasSteel is set. Any leaking fluid must
be wiped from the prepared surface to render the surface as dry as possible before undertaking the repair.

When being used underwater it is important that ThistleBond PlasSteel is applied direct to the parent material and not to a film of water. This can be achieved by applying finger pressure to the centre of the repair and miving the pressure progressively outwards towards the periphery, therby excluding the moisture film between the repair and the parent material.


Thistlebond PlasSteel,Thistlebond TRK19060,IMPA 812201
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